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Selected Steel Product: Hot Rolled Round Bar in Lengths
Selected Product Group: Deformed Reinforcing Bars
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PURPOSE: Concrete reinforcement
PACKING: Manually tied with doubled 5.5mm annealed rod at evenly spread intervals
BAR LENGTHS: 6m to 13m in 1m intervals. Other lengths on application
ROLLING TOLERANCE SPECIFICATION: Per the applicable steel specification tolerance table
DEFORMATION AND MARKING: According to the applicable steel specification
DiametersKg/mStandard Steel Grades
8.0mm 0.395 SANS 920 Grade 450
10.0mm 0.617 Others on application
12.0mm 0.888
16.0mm 1.58
20.0mm 2.47
25.0mm 3.85
32.0mm 6.31
40.0mm 9.86

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