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Selected Wire Product: Fencing Products
Selected Product Group: Galvanised Welded Mesh
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APPLICATION: Widely used as fencing material with unlimited applications in Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Security.
SPECIFICATIONS: Manufactured from lightly and fully galvanised wire to SANS 675.
ROLL WIDTH: Manufactured in increments of 300mm from 1200mm to 2400mm.
MESH SIZE APERTURE: Longitudinal Wire (Square Mesh - 50mm) , (Rectangular Mesh 100mm)
Cross Wire (Square Mesh - 50mm) , (Rectangular Mesh 50mm)
WIRE DIAMETER: Ranging from 1.80mm to 3.15mm in diameter.
PACKAGING: 30m rolls.
1200 x 100 x 50 x 2.00
1200 = Roll width in mm
100 = Long wire Spacing (Rectangular Mesh)
50 = Cross wire spacing (Rectangular Mesh)
2.00 = Wire diameter in mm

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Wire and Steel Manufacturing South Africa: Black Annealed Wire, hard drawn wire, spring steel wire, diamond mesh wire, netting wire, hinge joint field fence, gabions, galvanised wire, stay wire and scraper rope.

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